This work is part of the design to make as support colors and shapes, forms-visual icons repertoire MALEVICH K. Suprematism, mainly the square and the circle, colors or colors, black – red – white and fromappropriation intervene them with strategies and methods of contemporary art.

The concept of intervention in this case is synthetically to incorporate texts that correspond to literary and philosophical discipline, experience crosses disciplines that originated in these very experimental, pioneering artists such as A. Rodchenko, and movements such as dada, fluxus, Lettrism, Situationism, etc.

The combination of shapes, colors, words, text, question the public and constitute a trigger to generate multiple reflections and interpretations by the observer, taking into account its context in the history of twentieth century art.Likewise I think that at certain times in history and specific social, political and cultural contexts, in the manner of F. Nietzsche, art should be a hammer (deconstructing senses) as should be the philosophy and certain social orders.

Reinaldo Agosteguis Viedma / Rio Negro / Patagonia Argentina 2015


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